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Fancy a ready dish on arrival? Daily fresh breakfasts? Or why not even a cook at home? All this at the time you want. This way you have even more time to fully enjoy everything Portugal has to offer!

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Breakfast box

€15 pp (€8/child), from 2p



Toast bread

Fresh jam

Butter, cheese and toppings

Soft-boiled egg

Yoghurt with crunchy granola

Fresh fruit

Freshly squeezed juice

Coffee or tea

Children's breakfast:

chocolate cookieor pancake

Fresh fruit

Chocolate milk or apple juice

Luxury brunch

€25 pp (€8/child), from 2p

Ditto breakfast box

Espumante or cava

Wrap with salmon and cheese

Quiche or panini

Oatmeal pancakes

Portuguese sweets

Apero box


Bottle of Portuguese gin

2 bottles of tonic

Lemon and rosemary

Bottle of Espumante

Tapas indulgence board

Ice cubes


Cheese board

€12 p.p

Assortment of cheeses

Homemade jam



Coarse sea salt


Assorted sandwiches and crackers

BBQ package

€18 p.p

Assortment of meats

Rosemary from the garden

Fresh pasta salad with feta, eggplant and basil

Cold prepared vegetables

Fresh hot barbecue sauce


€9 pp (€6/child)

Homemade bolognaisesame


Ground Emmental

Spicy oil

Heat up the sauce, cook the spaghetti and you're done!

Cook at home

Price on request

For those who do not feel like cooking or eating out, we can deliver fresh dishes warm to the holiday home.

Beef stew

€18 pp (€10/child)

Hand cut fries

Salad, apple sauce and mayo

Arroz de Marisco

€18 pp (€10/child)

(Portuguese rice dish with fish and seafood)



Bottle of Espumante: €18

Bottle of white wine: €10

Bottle of red wine: €10

Bottle of Portuguese gin: €18

Bottle of Porto: €15

Beer 12fl: €10

Bottle of tonic 1l: €3

Coca Cola (Zero) 1.5l: €3

Fanta/Sumol 1.5l: €3

Bottle of mineral water 1.5l: €1.5

Bottle of sparkling water 1l: €1.5

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All stays

Guesthouse Beach Break.

Guesthouse Beach Break

We live here and for good reason! On the Peniche peninsula you are literally surrounded by the ocean, which makes this place one of the healthiest on the European mainland.


The small-scale fishing here is in perfect harmony with the lively surfing bustle. Because surfing is nowhere in the world better than here!


The guesthouse itself is constructed in such a way that everyone's privacy can be easily respected. Unwind in one of our three holiday apartments, each with one to three bedrooms.

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