A while ago we decided to build five classy villas for sale. We named the project 'Jardins do Atlântico'.


Each house with a unique architecture, in which the Portuguese style is in harmony with modern touches. The villas are further defined by their prime location with expansive views and their large gardens, each with private pool.

In the meantime, four of the five villas have been sold to very nice people. Below you can follow how, together with them, we make their dreams come true, stone after stone.






Jardins do Atlântico is so much more than just another building project. The five houses are accessible via a separate, dead end road. They are planted at different heights in the naturally undulating terrain, which ensures privacy.


Each Jardins do Atlântico villa has its own unique architecture: a combination of Portuguese authenticity with contemporary luxury. All of this adapted to its embedding in the whole. An authentic waterway helps sculpt the gardens.

The houses are oriented in such a way that the living room and garden benefit optimally from the sun all day long. From the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Portuguese interior.


Each villa has three to four bedrooms, two to five bathrooms, a spacious living room and an open kitchen. Each garden contains a spacious driveway, several terraces and a private swimming pool.


The choice of materials emphasizes quality, the finish is high-quality and has an eye for detail. We use Portuguese materials as much as possible and we only work with Portuguese craftsmen.